Credit Analysis

We include a complimentary credit analysis as part of our Credit Restoration Program. If you still aren't sure our program is right for you, we offer a free credit consultation which will also include a complimentary credit analysis.

Personalized Strategy

Every customer's situation is different. We build a customized credit strategy to help you reach your goals within shortest amount of time.

Rejoice in Results

We do not guarantee results! Every client's credit reports and underlying situations are different. The most important thing is that we will always work our hardest for YOU!

Our Promise

Our top priority is to assist you with building a healthy credit profile and providing constant education throughout the process. Our team is here to help you with any questions, or issues that may arise.

We Set High Expectations

We set high expectations for ourselves as a credit repair company. You can and should expect only the best service from our team. We are dedicated to helping our clients get back on financial track. We are highly dedicated to our mission to provide credit education and services help you understand the why's and how to's of your credit profile.


Our number one priority to our customers is to help them get their financial life back and become creditworthy. We do this through constant credit education in hopes that our clients will pass good financial habits on to their future generations.


Weekly Education

During the credit restoration process, we will educate you on credit, the benefits, and how to make it work for you.

Our Promise

We are dedicated to helping you build a positive credit profile and educating you during the process.

Our Mission

To provide credit education and services that yield better financial health, literacy, and outcomes for future generations.

Who Are We?

We are certified credit professionals helping consumers restore and rebuild their credit.

Top Credit Repair Program to Rebuild Your Credit

The credit industry can be a battlefield for those suffering from negative and derogatory credit scores. Many individuals have the disadvantage of higher interest rates, credit denials, and the inability to find experienced help to navigate through the bumps and bruises in this ever-evolving economic world. We are here to help direct you to better credit living by engaging in a number of innovative, financial avenues that will improve your credit score.


Our Skills

Total inaccuracies deleted: 173 items
Total inaccuracies repaired: 19 items

Common Question

We don’t only work to remove the negative, inaccurate information from your credit report. We also give you the information you need to understand your credit reports, scores, and how bad credit costs you more.

Every client has a unique credit profile and a unique story to go along with it. Results will happen as long as the process is being followed.

The credit analysis fee is $199. As deletions or updates occur, you will be invoiced $50 per deletion per bureau. Separately, you will be required to maintain credit monitoring service at your own cost. Lastly, any costs to settle or pay down debt will be at your expense.

You will receive a detailed credit analysis report which is an audit of your credit reports. Throughout the process, you will receive regular credit education. Lastly, the goal is to have you end the program with a better credit profile than you started to give you more opportunities at achieving your financial and lifestyle goals.

Are you ready?

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