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Congratulations! You took the first step towards changing your financial future. You are signing up for a quick, FREE, no-obligation credit consultation to chat about your credit and for you to learn about the services I offer to help you repair, build, or optimize your credit.  To have an effective conversation, we require a copy of your credit reports in advance to review. Sign up for one (1) credit monitoring plan so your 3 bureau credit reports can be pulled. Our partners below offer the following approved credit monitoring services. All fees are paid directly to the service provider.

Smart Credit

  • Premium Plan – $24.95/mo
    • 3 bureau credit reports with Vantage Scores updated monthly
    • Credit report monitoring and alerts
    • ScoreTracker
    • ScoreBuilder
    • ScoreMaster®
    • Money Manager
    • Smart Credit Report & Scores
    • $1 Million Identity Fraud Insurance
    • Actions
    • 360° Monitoring

IdentityIQ – 3 plans available

  • Secure Preferred – $24.99/mo
    • 3 bureau credit reports with Vantage Scores updated every 30 days
    • Enhanced daily 3 bureau credit bureau monitoring and alerts
    • SSN alerts
    • Dark Web & Internet monitoring
    • Synthetic ID Theft Protection
    • Up to $1 Million in Stolen Funds Reimbursement
    • Credit Score Change Alerts
    • US-Based ID Restoration Service
    • IQ Alerts with Application Monitoring
    • Checking Account Report
    • Lost Wallet Assistance
    • Opt-out IQ (Junk Mail/Do Not Call List)
    • Discounted Additional Reports & Scores
  • Secure Preferred – $27.99/mo
    • Includes everything in the Secure Preferred $24.99/mo plan PLUS
    • ScoreCasterIQ (includes report, recommendations, simulations)
  • Secure MAX – $30.99/mo
    • Includes everything in the Secure Preferred $27.99/mo plan PLUS
    • Credit Scores Simulator
    • Credit Score Tracker
    • Fraud Restoration w/LPOA
    • Family Protection – $25K ID Theft Insurance

MyScoreIQ – FICO ® Scores (NEW!!!!)

  • MAX Plan – $34.99/mo
    • 3 bureau credit reports with FICO ® Scores updated monthly
    • Daily credit report monitoring and alerts
    • FICO ® Score Tracker
    • FICO ® Score Simulator
    • SSN alerts
    • Synthetic ID Theft Protection
    • Dark Web & Internet monitoring
    • File-Sharing Network Searches
    • Checking Account Report
    • Opt-Out (Junk Mail/Do-Not-Call List)
    • IQ Alerts with Application
    • Change-of-Address Monitoring
    • Alerts on Crimes Committed in Your Name
    • Up to $1 Million in Stolen Funds Reimbursement
    • Family Protection – $25K ID Theft Insurance
    • Fraud Restoration w/LPOA
    • 100% US-Based Customer Service & Support

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