We complete an in-depth audit of your credit reports to identify items that may be negatively affecting your credit health. A plan is drafted which targets to improve your credit health.

Credit Analysis
High overview of your credit reports
General suggestions to improve your credit health
Overview of the Credit Restoration Program
Credit Restoration Program
$99 Enrollment, $50 PPD
Create a personalized challenge and dispute plan.
Create/send letters to dispute or challenge accounts.
Assist with budget and credit question/process.
Receive and process manual updates.
Receive and respond to correspondence
Review credit report updates to determine next steps.
Ongoing credit education.
Debt consolidation options.
Training on (re)building your credit scores.
*PPD (Pay-Per-Deletion) = per deletion per bureau
DIY Credit Repair
EBook or Software
Credit education
Dispute process training
Letter templates
Tracking system
1 software license - 0-3 users on a single Windows PC
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